David McCully is a creator and explorer of sonic, visual and metaphysical arts. Integrating aesthetic cues from the natural world, David creates an otherworldly representation of life beyond the veil, while deeply grounded in the here & now.


Aurova is his music project. Combining ethereal synthesizers & layers of reverberated texture, McCully’s shimmering guitar weaves through the compositions, creating a soundtrack fit for a sunrise drive across the desert.


Woven Visions is his visual art project. Through augmenting photographs of natural landscapes, a bridge is created that merges the actual with the imagined. The left brain is soothed by the symmetry and the right brain is awakened to the mystery of a land between worlds, undulating between the imaginative & the surreal.


Woven Tea House is an ephemeral, magical art installation set in an authentic Bedouin tent, centered around the art of tea and human connection. This immersive art installation mysteriously appears, just as quickly as it disappears.


Fossil & Feather is a collection of adornment pieces for the altar & body. The one-of-a-kind pieces focus on the ancient world as revealed through the use of 100 Million year old fossils.


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